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NFL’s primary medical officer safeguards Indianapolis Colts’ treatment of QB Jacoby Brissett


NFL’s primary medical officer safeguards Indianapolis Colts’ treatment of QB Jacoby Brissett

The NFL’s primary medical officer is protecting the Indianapolis Colts’ treatment of quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who was permitted to go back to Sunday’s video game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers after a hit to the back of his head. Brissett was positioned into the NFL’s concussion procedure when he reported signs after the video game.

” All our procedures were followed,” Dr. Allen Sills stated Tuesday on a league teleconference. Sills included that Brissett “had no signs” which there were “no findings” throughout the video game to avoid him from going back to play.

Sills verified that Brissett passed 3 different concussion tests, 2 throughout the video game and one right away later. He stated it is not uncommon for concussion signs to progress and emerge in a postponed style.

Brissett reported the start of exactly what Sills stated were “moderate” signs about 20 or 30 minutes after the video game.

” From an abundance of care,” he was positioned in the procedure, Sills stated.

Sills stated concussions are “an extremely heterogeneous injury” because signs differ extensively. For instance, some individuals have lots of signs immediately, whereas others begin with one sign then have others later on.

” It belongs to the disappointment people as doctors aiming to look after [concussions],” Sills stated. “We acknowledge that concussion is not one injury. It’s a spectrum of injuries that are going to have a great deal of various discussions. And it is still part of exactly what we, as a medical occupation, need to much better comprehend this injury so that we can much better classify it and continue our efforts to identify it.”

Sills stated he might not discuss whether the Seattle Seahawks followed procedure in enabling quarterback Russell Wilson to go back to a video game after being sent the field for a test Thursday. The NFL’s examination into that episode is continuous.

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