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Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari dissatisfied over ‘shiner’ for college basketball


Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari dissatisfied over ‘shiner’ for college basketball

LEXINGTON, Ky.– Kentucky coach John Calipari called the present college basketball scandal a “shiner” at the Wildcats’ media day on Thursday.

” Exactly what’s out there today is a shiner,” Calipari stated. “None people understand where this thing’s going. I do not know where all this is going. Undoubtedly exactly what occurred to this point isn’t really excellent.”

Considering that news of an FBI examination into corruption in college basketball broke on Sept. 26, 10 individuals have actually been detained, consisting of 4 assistant coaches. Louisville head coach Rick Pitino was put on overdue administrative leave.

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Calipari stated no one has actually connected to Kentucky yet concerning the federal examination.

” We have not been called,” he stated. “The NCAA hasn’t called us.”

Concerning Pitino, his long time competitor, Calipari would not state much: “It’s regrettable, all the things that’s boiled down.”

On Wednesday, NCAA president Mark Emmert formed a Commission on College Basketball, chaired by Dr. Condoleeza Rice and consisting of university presidents and athletic directors, previous head coaches and executives within the sport, and previous NBA stars Grant Hill and David Robinson.

Calipari stated any modifications to the sport has to concentrate on the student-athletes.

” If the NBA is stressed over the NBA, if the NCAA is stressed over the NCAA, if each specific organization is simply stressed over themselves and the last thing we consider is these kids, then we’re going to make incorrect choices,” Calipari stated. “There are a great deal of gamers of various levels, of various capabilities. Let’s be reasonable with them. How we’re being reasonable, I’ll leave that as much as the powers-that-be.

” You do not explode a system for 10 gamers, 20 gamers. You find out how you make this work.”

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