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Hawaii deep sea canoe returns house


Hawaii deep sea canoe returns house

Countless individuals were on hand Saturday on the island of Oahu to welcome the vessel, which browsed the world’s seas relying mainly on the sun and stars, ocean waves and cloud motion.

The Hokulea and its sis ship, Hikianalia, covered an integrated 60,000nautical miles, over 150 ports, and 23 nations and areas, the Polynesian Voyaging Society site reported. It’s objective: to display conventional Polynesian voyaging and the spirit of expedition and sustainability.
The double-hulled cruising canoe is an efficiency reproduction of the canoes early Polynesians likely utilized 3,000years ago to find all Polynesia.

The Hokulea was welcomed in the harbor by other reproduction Polynesian voyaging canoes in addition to contemporary ships, sailboats, wave runners and paddle boarders.

Spear toss

A spear throwing ceremony was part of the Hokulea festivities. The dangerous rite hasn't been performed in near 200 years.
One part of the arrival celebrations took place on land– the kalii, or spear tossing event. The conventional rite hasn’t been carried out in almost 200 years, inning accordance with CNN affiliate Hawaii News Now.

In the unsafe event, spears are tossed towards one guy– who either captures the spears or deflects them. It’s suggested to challenge warriors getting in a colony.

Hokulea team member Sam Kapoi carried out the job, warding off 8 conventional spears.

” It was provided for canoes that left the world … generally in the hands of God. The spears reveal that the individual capturing is still a guy, not a god,” Kapoi informed the affiliate.

Kapoi knocked the last spear into the ground, representing the Hokulea’s return.

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