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Curt Schilling — ‘Kiss My Ass’ … Lynching Post Was A Joke (VIDEO)


Curt Schilling — ‘Kiss My Ass’ … Lynching Post Was A Joke (VIDEO)


“Shut up, kiss my ass, and move on” is Curt Schilling‘s message to anyone taking issue with the pic he posted of a man wearing a t-shirt suggesting journalists be lynched.

“Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required” was printed on the shirt … reportedly worn by a man at a Trump rally. The implication … a majority of the media has been biased against Donald Trump.

Schilling reposted the picture (he didn’t take the photo) on Twitter Monday … and criticism came fast and furiously … with people saying he was promoting violence against journalist.

TMZ Sports talked to Curt … and asked him why he posted the picture, and what he’d say to people attacking him. He doesn’t hold back.

We also asked Schilling — a big-time Trump supporter — for his thoughts on the election.

Here’s a hint … “landslide.”

Check out the clip!


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